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My name is Oanh Nguyen Wilcox, a professional eyebrow designer. I was well trained as a Philbrows artist at Philbrow International in California.
I was also successfully trained as a tattoo make-up artist at Turning Point Beauty College in Arizona. Harmony eyebrows can brighten your face and make you prettier. I have transformed hundreds of my clients’ eyebrows to look full and natural. Let me help you achieve the natural look you desire.

Stunning Eyebrows: Beautifully Defined Brows

For cosmetically tattooed eyebrows, colour is implanted to your desired shape framing the eyes with a beautifully defined brow.

Everybody is meant to have eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the eyes. If you have hair, I can tattoo background colour. I can lift the brows giving the face a lift and a younger look.

Designer Eyeliner: Enhance Softly or Exotic

Cosmetic tattoo for eyes means no more struggling with liquid or pencil eyeliner, panda eyes or uneven liner.

Cosmetically tattooed eyeliner can be as natural or dramatic, as subtle or defined as you need dependent on your colouring, age and preference.

Top and bottom eyelids can be fine or wide lines, tapered or dotted in between lashes, giving the eyes beautiful definition, makes eyelashes look thicker.

Eyeshadow, shading over the lines and above, and colour enhances your eye colour. For men and women- beautiful eyes, natural or dramatic.

Define the Perfect Pout – Lip Liner & Colour

Lip liner is excellent for people who have no definite lip shape, pale lips, sun damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost the shape as a result of cold sores or injury, people who like a definite lip shape to emphasise or enlarge the mouth.

It is ideal for ladies with ‘crease lines’ or ladies who have had lip augmentation. Colour is implanted in a fine or thick line on the outer edge of lips, giving a lovely defined shape to the mouth. Tattooed lips are a sensuous feature of your face.

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