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Stunning Eyebrows: Beautifully Defined Brows

Cosmetic tattoo & permanent makeup for eyebrows by Danielle Scott, Gold Coast & Sydney

For cosmetically tattooed eyebrows, colour is implanted to your desired shape framing the eyes with a beautifully defined brow.

Everybody is meant to have eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the eyes. If you have hair, I can tattoo background colour. I can lift the brows giving the face a lift and a younger look.

Who should have a cosmetic tattoo treatment for eyebrows?

  • People who have over-plucked the hairs from their eyebrows
  • People who have gaps or scars and the hair has not grown back
  • People who are suffering from Alopecia, loss of hair
  • People who have visual problems
  • People with arthritis
  • People just wanting a definite shape to their eyebrows



Designer Eyeliner: Enhance Softly or Exotic

Eyeliner Cosmetic tattoo & permanent makeup by Danielle Scott, Gold Coast & Sydney

Cosmetic tattoo for eyes means no more struggling with liquid or pencil eyeliner, panda eyes or uneven liner.

Cosmetically tattooed eyeliner can be as natural or dramatic, as subtle or defined as you need dependent on your colouring, age and preference.

Top and bottom eyelids can be fine or wide lines, tapered or dotted in between lashes, giving the eyes beautiful definition, makes eyelashes look thicker.

Eyeshadow, shading over the lines and above, and colour enhances your eye colour. For men and women- beautiful eyes, natural or dramatic.

Who should have a cosmetic tattoo treatment?

  • People with very pale pink eyes
  • People who have oily skin causing makeup to smear
  • People who have small eyes needing definition and shape
  • Contact lens wearers
  • People with allergic eyes
  • People with poor eyesight
  • People who like to wear eyeliner to enhance their eyes
  • People who care about their appearance and want a better public image 24/7




Define the Perfect Pout – Lip Liner & Colour

Lips - Cosmetic tattoo & permanent makeup by Danielle Scott, Gold Coast & Sydney

Lip Liner

Lip liner is excellent for people who have no definite lip shape, pale lips, sun damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost the shape as a result of cold sores or injury, people who like a definite lip shape to emphasise or enlarge the mouth.

It is ideal for ladies with ‘crease lines’ or ladies who have had lip augmentation. Colour is implanted in a fine or thick line on the outer edge of lips, giving a lovely defined shape to the mouth. Tattooed lips are a sensuous feature of your face.

Lip Line and Blend – Definition with a Touch of Colour

Cosmetic tattoo lip blending is outlining the lip shape then blending colour from the lip line onto part of the lips, making the outline less obvious.

This can be in the same colour as the lip line to look natural or a bold colour, this technique is best to fill in white areas where the lip line has been extended away from the natural lip line or to balance a crooked lip shape. This cosmetic tattoo treatment can make the lips look fuller. A light to medium colour must be used for best results.

This cosmetic tattoo treatment can make the lips look fuller, and a light to medium colour must be used for best results.

Full Lip Colour – Luscious Coloured Lips

Perfect for people who have very pale, uneven lip colour, great for everyone, especially the mature client. A very light or dark lip outline is created and then a colour is implanted all over the lips.

The tattooed lips are highly coloured when first done, after healing, losing 20% to 60% of colour, depending on the colour used, skin condition and home care attention. The lips are left tinted with an overall colour.

With cosmetic tattoo coloured lips – no need to wear lipstick or worry about lipstick wearing off, your lips will always look a beautiful shape and colour, just add gloss.

The lip colour promises an end result with a beautiful mouth that people will envy and wonder why your lipstick never comes off when you eat, drink or even kiss!